About us

Econor Smart-Box

Econor body repair was established in 1980 and is the exclusive importer of Smart-Box.
We specialise in van and truck repair and all types of truck box modules.
We are therefore in an excellent position to compare and assess the different types of boxes modules, and we guarantee that Smart-Box is the most innovative product on the market.

Points of sale and service

Besides quality, we also want to offer you good comprehensive service. We therefore have five points of sale and service in different parts of Belgium: Limburg, Antwerp, West Flanders, Wallonia and Luxembourg.

The Smart-Box story

Smart-Box originated from a unique collaboration project with a major brand.
The brand’s existing chassis cab was heavy, which resulted in reduced load capacity in the 3500kg range.
Smart-Box developed a truck box that weighed 200 kg less, which allowed the brand to offer a load capacity that was even higher than the competition’s.

The first Smart-Box was born in 2008.

Today Smart-Box is a unique project that entails a great deal of research and development. We will obviously continue to work on the Smart-Box story and we guarantee a unique product.
If you would like to receive more information, contact us.